Independent Theatre Success


The Independent Theatre Association of WA held its annual state wide youth theatre festival on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September.  Youth groups from all over the metropolitan area competed. Theatre clubs, schools, independent theatre groups all came together at Stirling Theatre to preform.  10 shows over the two days were adjudicated by theatre professional actor/director/ Igor Sas.

St Norbert College Drama Club performed a little known play called “ For The Love Of Three Oranges” on Saturday and won the following:

-  Jay Anderson won an Adjudicators Certificate for live music in a production

-  Tanya Antero won the Melville Theatre Encouragement Award

-  Jake Cummane won Best Actor in the senior section

-  Best Director

-  And the overall trophy for Best Production in the senior section

A fantastic achievement for the drama club at the college.

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