'Bright Future' mural unveiled on Harmony Day


A colourful mural created by St Norbert College students was unveiled in the Fr Peter O’Reilly Centre on March 21 during the school’s celebration for Harmony Day.

The mural, called ‘Bright Future’, is the joint work of a number of students created over the space of six weeks, and is filled with symbolism and meaning.


The blue section of the painting represents the waterways around Perth, including the city’s beaches, lakes and water streams, and the peace and calm that it brings to all.

The stones in the mural are the pathways that lead us on to a brighter future, and also represent the choices we make and the directions we take as individuals and as a community.

The hands represent all the different cultures that live in the St Norbert College community and in the community of Queens Park and signify an environment where all differences are put aside and we learn from each other, work together, share our stories and respect one another.

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